We, at DMU™ Certified Public Accountants are able to tidy up your accounts and make closing adjustments far more efficiently than most in-house accountants, simply because as Accounting Officers or Auditors we are usually the people who have to deal with the results.

After the Annual Financial Statements have been finalised, the closing journal entries need to be put through in your books so that the opening entries for the New Year align to the Financial Statements. Many in-house bookkeepers and accountants have difficulty with this and we may be called upon to assist.

Also, before a company can be voluntarily de-registered, the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) has to be reduced to Cash and Share Capital (or member's interest) only. Apart from the accounting necessary to achieve this, it often requires that a dividend be declared in order to clear out Retained Earnings.

Also offer;
*Bookkeeping Services
*Drafting of Annual Financial Statements
*Pastel Accounting and Payroll Software

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