Our Happy Clients

Our Happy Clients

Avalon has considerable experience in providing professional services to both the private and public sector. To this end, its team of business and financial specialists delivers tailor made solutions, built on sector specific experience and specialised knowledge in the private and public sector issues in general and those that are specific to a client’s business environment.

Because the leaders on our engagement teams have been exposed to multi sector assignments in which they have gained market expertise, this enables them to provide teams that are aware of any potential business risks.

Below we detail recent projects undertaken by our partners at both Avalon and other engagements led from other professional services firms.



• Aviation
Akagera Aviation - IFRS compliant Financial Statements
Kenya Airways* - Tax Advisory

• Financial Services
Urwego Opportunity Bank - Tax Compliance and Advisory
Bank of Kigali* - Statutory Audit
Ecobank - Rwanda* - Tax Compliance and Advisory

• Mining
Kivugold (Rwanda) Limited* - Accounting Services
Eurotrade International* - Statutory Audit
Mineral Supply Africa* - Statutory Audit
Alfred H Knight* - Tax Compliance & Advisory

• Logistics

Magerwa Limited - IFRS Review Services
SDC Rwanda Limited - Accounting Services

• Hospitality
TPS/Serena Hotels* - Statutory Audit and Tax Advisory
Governors Camp* - Tax Advisory
JK Safaris* - Tax Compliance & Advisory
The Far Horizons* - Tax Compliance & Advisory
Dubai World (Rwanda)* - Tax Advisory
Hotel le Garni du Centre* - Tax Advisory

• Telecommunications
MTN Rwanda* - Tax Advisory
Safaricom* - Tax Advisory

• Oil and Gas
Kivu Watt* - Tax Compliance & Advisory
Kobil Petroleum* - Statutory Audit

• Agro-processing industries
Mata Tea Company - Tax Health Check
Gisakura Tea Company - Tax Health Check

• Manufacturing
Rwanda Industries* - Statutory Audit

• Construction
Real Contractors* - Statutory Audit
NPD Cotraco* - Statutory Audit

*Engagement under Ernst & Young